Jun 25, 2011

Collection Rave: Jason Wu 2011 Resort

Colorful palettes are all over the friggin place for spring and summer-
and don't get me wrong, I love my turquoise and hot pinks and pastel sky blues-
but plain white and black works magic all year round. 

Jason Wu is definitely a familiar name- I think I've often seen celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon (whom I both adore) wearing some of his cute cocktail numbers. This is my first official post and mention of the brand though, because I was completely in love with his new resort collection this year- very cute, preppy, and just fresh.

For this collection there is a lot of black and white with a mix of grays as well- but then of course he throws in some acid yellow and burnt coral to still make it very summery.

I love everything about the clothes- probably because I would buy every single piece if I could- they are so me!

So enough of me raving, here are my top picks:

I love the crisp, yet girly cut of the dress. The length is not so short either.
And then the cobalt blue touch!

Very cute, don't you think?
I've never thought of matching a necklace over a buttoned up blouse like this- which especially looks good because of the color contrast. I love the bag too! And then the sandals- I see an overriding trend of some very simple, strappy sandals for this season. It's a different kind of strappy from what we are used to, though. Nothing criss-crosses, they just strap the feet down horizontally. This one has three straps on the ankles, the ball of the feet and on the toes. I've also seen plenty with just two straps- on the ankles and the toes.

Very cute again. One of my favorites!

LOVE the purse.

I love the contrast in this look. The blouse is simple, buttoned up to the top- somewhat of a conservative, "safe" look. But then matched with a mini leather skirtVoilathis look is not so boring compared to what could have been like paired with, for instance, a pencil skirt. 

Pleats are fashionable!

My absolute favorite! I love the cute tuxedo look- and I love how the acid yellow chandelier earrings match the clutch! I would completely wear this look to a party- stand out in the crowd of floor-length gowns!

The finale. Very sweet-

Picture credits go to Elle.com


Gotta love summer!
Enjoy every minute of it, ladies.

Sealed With Glitter,

Jun 16, 2011

Collection Rave: Oscar de la Renta 2011 Resort

Oscar de la Renta is the legend- he releases a collection, it's a huge deal, and celebrities are bound to be spotted wearing his gowns to major award shows. 
I've always loved Oscar de la Renta, but this year's resort collection was one of his best collections I've seen so far, and I couldn't pass up dedicating a post on it.

I've just raved about 3.1 Phillip Lim, and how his clothes are so chic because they follow by the timeless rule: less is more.
Oscar de la Renta's clothing is slightly different, to say the least.
Let me show you what I mean:

I love the hat that slightly casts a shadow on the face.
I love that the earrings color coordinate the lips and the heels. Matchy-matchy that actually works. And of course, love the dress.

Oscar de la Renta always mixes different fabrics, textures, colors and patterns. It's a big mix of anything but simple and monochromatic- but then it all ties together, and somehow they all work in harmony to create a perfect outfit. I love the cardi and skirt on this look particularly.

THIS look took my breath away- it made me determine for sure that I was going to make a post on the collection. I love that there is something Ralph Lauren about this- quite preppy, yet very elegant. I would for sure rock this outfit to work. And the pocka dotted pointy heels? Too cute.

Something about the collection also reminded me of Duchess Kate Middleton- and her elegant style. Her collection of hats is very enviable- and this outfit reminded me of her white coat she wore recently on the Queen's birthday. Except Oscar's version is a lot more sassy.
(Kate Middleton post in process of being made!)

Loved this dress too. Love the color. Very appropriate for a summer cocktail party.

I love this white shift dress. The cut and figure of it is very similar to some of Phillip Lim's mini dresses, but then the details on this one makes it a lot more feminine and elegant. Then again I love the coral red shoes that match the lips. Fabulous.
I noticed how the models' makeup looked so immaculate as well. I love the fresh, dewy skin, the strong, exaggerated eyebrows finished off with barely there eyeshadow and strong, coral red lips.

A dress too perfect for parties or premiers, don't you think?
I see someone very young- like rising star Elle Fanning- wearing something like this.

One of the greatest moments in the collection. Perfect for that red carpet princess moment.
I see Rachel Zoe being all over this dress. 

This dress was also gorgeous. I love how the torso is slightly see-through (I assume there is a nude layer underneath) to give it a sexy vibe. I love the specks of sparkle sprinkled on the dress, and I LOVE the big train.

The winner of the show.
The color,
the thigh slit,
the flow of the fabric, 
the drapings,
the shoulder cut-
everything too perfect for words.

Picture credits go to Elle.com


For me, fashion isn't about being materialistic or superficial.
Through fashion, women realize that there are endless ways for a woman to look and feel good about themselves.
And every girl deserves to feel exquisite, sexy, beautiful- for every second of their lives.

Sealed With Glitter,

Jun 15, 2011

Collection Rave: 3.1 Phillip Lim 2011 Resort

I'm personally a huge jewelry girl- I love my big, blinged out earrings and layered chain necklaces.
Nevertheless there is one fashion trend that will never, ever in a million years go out of style: minimalism.

There are some designers specifically known for producing great minimalistic collections, including Calvin Klein and Phillip Lim. They design clothing that are crisp, clean- and it's amazing how beautiful their collections turn out to be, especially when they always make things so simple.

I love both worlds of extravagance and minimalism- and sometimes, I think we all need a little bit of both. 

Now to get to the point, I was thoroughly mesmerized by the 3.1 Phillip Lim Resort collection this year. Very modern, very clean, and yet very sexy. 
I found myself drawn to the shoes especially, so you might want to keep an eye on those feet.
I would K-I-L-L to get my hands on one of them.

Without further due, here are my top pics:

Not many images, but enough to get a taste of how amazing the collection is.
(And besides, these are my very favorite picks for the collection- I could have brought along the whole package but resisted. Computer memory.)
And notice how the models' hair and makeup was kept very simple and non-fussy as well.
I love that.

Picture credits go to Elle.com


I will be posting a lot of collections from now on- I have 3 or 4 saved and ready already!

Believe that you were beautiful yesterday,
that you are beautiful today,
and that you will be beautiful tomorrow-

and you will be.
It's all in your head.

Sealed With Glitter,

Jun 7, 2011

Personal Scribbles: Let it go, honey... Just let it go.

I decided I wanted to incorporate some personal chit chatting once in a while in this blog, for those times when I dearly need some writing to confide in myself with.
Writing, as so, is such a beautiful form of art- it heals my heart inside and out.

About letting go, forgiving and forgetting what your friends had done to you.

When I have too much time in my hands, I begin thinking too much into things.
I get worked up in the small details in my life that cause everything to be slightly less perfect.
Put in more simple terms, I have always been one to never, EVER want any flaw in my life.
I hated flaws- I still do.

I hated that my life couldn't be 100% perfect all the time- that something always had to be wrong.
Why is that? Why can't I have a day- a week- a month- a year without any worry or anxiety- without any disappointments, failures, heartbreaks- any of that?
Why can't my life be perfect?

A few months back when I was going through this crisis- one that I've been struggling with for all my life- I came across this book called "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff," written by Richard Carlson. The book basically speaks for itself- it's meant for people exactly like me, who dwell over the small flaws in their lives so much that they can't move on. Carlson keeps reminding me to basically to let the fuck go.

This book (I'm reading the one for teens) covers a lot of stuff that teenagers- or young adults deal with on a daily basis- and Carlson taught me a whole lot of valuable lessons (for instance, one chapter tells me to "be selective when choosing your battles"- meaning, some things are just not worth battling about- they are not worth the time nor the energy.)

One particular chapter that I found was helpful to me read this: "Drop the Drama."

Ah- drama.

Any teeange girl who had gone through middle school and high school would know a lot about drama. A lot. A lot. A LOT of drama. 

The funny thing is, we know it's all unnecessary drama- but we still (or I..still..) dwell over it, get angry about it, get all caught up about it that we fail to recognize the more important things in our lives. For instance, we fail to see what a beautiful day it is outside, how we are so lucky to have caring parents, or how we should be grateful to be breathing air, drinking clean water, eating healthy food, and sleeping with roof above our heads. So many things we miss out on- because we just can't drop the drama. 

Here are a few excerpts of the chapter:

"A friend, for example, might make a mistake or say something wrong. Rather than forget about it and get on with our day, we allow ourselves to feel offended and annoyed. We think about the mistake during the rest of the day, feeling more and more justified in our irritation. Many of us might even go home and tell others about it, or call a friend and commiserate, rather than simply letting it go."

"While it can be really tempting to blow these types of things out of proportion, it's ultimately better for your sanity, your friendships, and your happiness to learn to let them go."

"The problem with sweating the small stuff is that there is, and always will be, an endless supply of things to sweat over. There always will be friends making mistakes, strangers cutting us off, things being lost, plans going astray, and all the rest."

"As you learn to let some of these things go, you'll find yourself experiencing far less stress and aggravation. You'll be left with more mental energy and creativity in order to live life to it's fullest."

Enough said. 

Just yesterday, I did it again.
An old time friend and I met up for a quick movie and some catching up. We casually came across to talk about a guy we mutually knew- a guy who, I once had been very close with, but through certain misunderstandings had drifted apart. I began getting very upset over even talking about him, and starting defending myself, saying how I wasn't the one to blame- and that it was his fault we weren't as close anymore. I then stopped and asked my friend what I should do- and she shrugged and just said, "just forget about it." It was right then and there when I realized that I was making such a big ass deal about this one thing- this one flaw in my life- which everyone else could tell was nothing to worry about-because all I needed to do was "forget about it."

I've always been this way, though.
I get in an argument with a friend, I struggle to fall asleep. I can't do my homework.
I retort back to a teacher, I replay the scene over and over and before I realize I can't concentrate on anything else.
I get upset about what a friend did or said about me- I just can't let it go.

This is one of my favorite quotes, said by Marilyn Monroe:

"I believe everything happens for a reason,

People change so that we can learn to let go,

things go wrong so that you can appreciate them

when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually

learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes

good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

Things go wrong... So that you can appreciate them when they're right...
Things go wrong... So that you can appreciate them when they're right...
Things go wrong... So that you can appreciate them when they're right...

Another random quote to ponder upon:

"I've made mistakes in my life,

I've let people take advantage of me,

and I accepted way less than I deserved

But, I learned from my bad choices and

even though there are some things I can never

get back and people who will never be sorry,

I'll know better next time and

I won't settle for any less than I deserve."

The fact of the matter is, 

These friends are never going to be with me forever.

It's just going to be me, God, and those very few people who will be with me until the end.

I can think of a couple from the top of my head:
my dad, the biggest, most annoying supporter in my life
my big brother, my bodyguard, my guardian angel
my mom, my secret keeper from heaven.

When it comes to friends, I never know.
I believe in strong friendship- I had one or two over the years.
But ultimately, they come and go.

That's what I've realized, after having graduated high school.

Friends all come and go. 

But we have to appreciate them the same, and even more because of this.
Sure, they don't last,
but they still find us, and they still bring great joy and laughter into our lives.


"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."
-- Oprah Winfrey 

“Hanging onto resentment is letting someone you despise live rent-free in your head.” – Ann Landers

“Every breath is an opportunity to receive and let go. I receive love and I let go of pain.” – Brenda MacIntyre

“Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.” – Anonymous

“There’s no need to miss someone from your past- There’s a reason they didn’t make it to your future” – Unknown

People make mistakes, all the time.
I have made mistakes- I have hurt people, have let them down- and to some I may have never gotten the chance to even properly apologize.

It's the same for the people around me- they are just like me- they are human.
They will hurt me , they will let me down, and some may not ever muster the courage (or even admit it) to say sorry. 

But that's just the way it is. There is nothing I can do about it.

And you know what? It's okay.

Sealed With Glitter,

Jun 5, 2011

Look of the Day: Taylor Swift

Summer is in the air!
Where I live the weather is getting pretty hot, with lots and lots of sunshine.

When this time of the year comes around, I love, love, LOVE finding the perfect summer dress.

I came across this too-sweet-for-words summer look Taylor Swift sported out and about:

Very cute, eh?
Now this look is peeerfect for early June, because we got sunshine during the day,
but when nighttime comes it might get a little chilly. So a light, airy cardigan is a must-have to roll up inside your purse.

So then I was on a little shopping spree this past week, and found the perfect dupe for this look! I usually don't like floral prints too much, because they're either too tacky looking or too grandma-ish, but this dress I found at F21 was completely adorable to pass up.
(can't find the dress on the F21 website- shame.)

So if you haven't done so, spend some time looking for your perfect summer dress.
They are so versatile- wear it to a casual luncheon with some embellished flats, a sweet date with some wedges, or throw on a leather bomber jacket and killer heels for a night out!
Sweet meets sassy.

Sealed With Glitter,