May 31, 2011

Star Style Coveted: Sienna Miller

There are a number of actresses, models, singers with whom I am completely obsessed with.
The ones who I believe are some of the most beautiful women in the world.

They include: 

Reese Witherspoon (completely adorable and respectable because she's got a good head on her shoulders,) model Lily Donaldson, Kim Kardashian (although she earns her money out of her scary ass booty,) Kate Beckinsale (didn't fall for Josh Hartnett OR Ben Affleck but for this girl when I watched Pearl Harbor) and Cheryl Cole- just to name a couple from the top of my head.

But then this list would never be complete, without Sienna Miller.

I know there is- and will always be- a lot of drama and gossip about this girl, because of her love life. Quite frankly, who she dates is really out of my concern- and should never be anyone else's business either, because what I love about Sienna is her chic sense of style that always looks put together, and her drop dead gorgeous facial features.

Right now, I'm talking about this beauty:

One thing- other than her sense of fashion- that I love so much about Sienna is her smile that has a tendency to warm up her entire ambiance.

It gives off such a lovely-and-sweet-girl-next-door vibe that is so rare these days- especially when people constantly yearn for girls with "fierce, fiery, sultry" eyes and big, pouty lips- who are, of course, beautiful on their own, but we need a little less sexy and a little more sweet at times.

Now let's look at Sienna's red-carpet style.

Can you saw sweeeeet?

Then yet again- she rocks sexy, edgy, chic dresses very often as well.
This glittering emerald mini is from her own clothing line, I believe. With a statement dress like this, you only need a complementing clutch and killer heels.

Very old Hollywood glam. 

One of my favorite red carpet moments of Sienna. The gold gown is simply amazing, with her platinum blonde hair curled in a classic pin-up style, complemented by the dark red lip.

And yet the LBD....It never- EVER - will go out of style.

I love how she takes a lot of risks too- wearing clothes that, to the naked public eye, could not be easily acceptable. And yet she makes it somehow work. Maybe it's the hair and skin that is always so impeccable. (yet carefree, as if done in a matter of minutes.)

The Devil Wears Prada moment? yes.

There's something really easy about her beauty style as well. Her hair- perfect, but as if she just rolled out of bed. Her skin- perfect, again, but as if she just slabbed a tinted moisturizer and called it a day. It's the kind of beauty that is very contrasting to the Kardashian sisters (whom you can tell spend hours and hours perfecting the skin, gluing on the eyelashes, etc. etc.) Although I love both styles.

As for this look, I love it to death! I couldn't quite put my finger on the color of the dress- Miranda Priestly probably could- but it is gorgeous nonetheless ("purple" would not do it justice!) Then the heavy gold hardware on the neck. Genius!

I've noticed she enjoys a good red lip as a beauty staple. Which makes sense, considering she keeps everything on her face fairly understated. And by the way, I love this look she wore while promoting her movie. Very nautical, but not in the common way you see in red and blue stripes. Love the white blouse with gold detailing- paired with semi-harem, semi-boyfriend black pants with matching gold detailing. The otherwise boring look was put up a notch with some funky shoes.

Whenever her fashion isn't the best for the night, she just flashes a smile
That's the way to go, ladies!

Now with her most coveted street fashion.

There is something about this look (very commonly worn by Sienna) that is so approachable because anyone could re-create it! Gray skinnies? check. Basic black flats? check. Basic black jacket? check. A colored v-neck? check. Just add a unique scarf and some vintage jewelry peeping behind the scarf to make this look so- lovely. Ready for school? I think yes.

On the other hand this look is perfect for a classy date with the special someone. Pair a neutral blush-colored blouse with matching shorts. Pair on tights if it's a chilly night, and some neutral colored heels as well. A fur jacket along the same color code is going to add so much to the outfit, but leave the accent on the leopard print clutch. Who said leopard was too intimidating for men? Then Sienna added her own style to this outfit, with some dainty gold jewelry and of course, a classic red lip.

I gasped when I first saw this look. I remembering nudging my friend beside me and saying, "I NEED A RED CAPE!" Never found the perfect one like hers, unfortunately, but this look is definitely one of my favorite Sienna moments. A leopard print dress (as it looks like) with black tights with black boots, all covered neat and sweet under a striking red cape that screams Little Red Riding Hood. 
And there it is again...her hair...her skin...her smile... Girl crush alert!

Now do you realize what I mean by, her smile?
So I can't blame all the boys wanting her. 

Another classic street style. Sienna loves skinnes, and basic t-shirts with basic cardis and jackets. But pay attention to the details in this outfit that make it so not basic. The ankle booties? Very unique and very chic. Then the brown leather belt somehow goes so well with the sunnies, and then the scarf adds something extra too. It's all in the subtle details...

Another major cape moment for Sienna... This outfit is brilliant for the airport- like where Sienna wore it- because it hides a lot. Just throw on some comfortable jeans and flat ankle booties like Sienna, with your favorite statement cape. Tres chic in minutes! I also love the white tote, the tied-back and out of the fact hair, and even the glasses... Looks as if put together in seconds, eh? Still magic.

Envision a fun night out with the girls. A sparkling LBD paired with another classic piece- the black blazer. Cuffed at the sleeves would give a casual touch to the otherwise formal look. Simple yet not so simple? How does she always do that? Maybe it is the smile :)

HAHA yo whats up, Channing ;)
I love shift minis on Sienna- they elongate her legs so well. I've seen those studded ankle booties on Sienna so many times- it's a piece she loves! I see Sienna as one of those people who splurge on good, classic, always-going-to-be-worn pieces. Something I need to learn from her desperately.

She loves her grays, blacks, greens- the dark colors that make great contrast with her light hair. 



Wishful thinking made with a picture of the perfect couple that used to be.
But for what it's worth, some things just aren't meant to be.

And a random thought- coming across this picture made me think this would make a good-looking couple as well! Far better than Channing and Jenna, IMO. But oh wells.


In a closing note, I think I've established it clear that I love Sienna Miller for so many reasons. I don't know enough about her to say she's the greatest person ever, but good people emanate good vibes. Or at least that's what I believe. 

Sealed With Glitter,


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