Feb 21, 2011

Look of the Day: Eva Mendes

In celebration of the long awaited spring sun,
I have a summer dress look worn by Eva Mendes for today.

A good (strapless or with strapes) A-line summer dress is a must-have for those weekend picnics by the lake! And this yellow number is absolutely perfect (the ruffle detailing doesn't require any additional jewelry, but another turquoise necklace added would have been nice.) 

Happy Spring!

Sealed With Glitter,

Alice & Olivia 2011 Picks

There's a reason why rising celebrities like the Kardashian sisters go straight for Alice & Olivia for a fun event; the brand epitomizes young, hip, girly and ultra chic.

Without further due, I will give you my top 4 picks from this year's Spring RTW collection.

* I particularly love the first romper and trench coat combination- with the vivid color mix too! Pure genius. *

Picture credit goes to Elle.com

Sealed With Glitter,

Feb 19, 2011

Collection Rave: Valentino Spring 2011 RTW

We all know Valentino, so I should spare the whole rave rambles,
and I'll just make it simple and clear that this year's Valentino spring collection was the epitome of the brand in its purest form.

Picture credit goes to Elle.com


I love fashion.

Sealed With Glitter,

2011 Grammys Best Dressed

Maybe I'm meant to wait for the Oscars for the UL-TIMATE red carpet fashion moments,
because for the most part, the Grammys this year was a little - meh.

Before I say I'm disappointed, I wanted to break down my 6 five looks from the Grammys.
Despite my big frown by the end of the show, I still thought some of the looks were blog-post-worthy! And..uh..Lady Gaga wasn't one of them.

1. Rihanna

I always picture Rihanna as the tough girl-next-door, but for this year's Grammy's she went to appeal her feminine side- and while keeping the risky style she's so well known for! I love how sexy/provocative yet feminine/glamorous she looked in this just-off-the-runway Jean Paul Gaultier gown. Choosing white was smart, especially when Rihanna's sporting fire-engine red hair that couldn't have looked better with the dress. I wonder how she pulls it off: leaving very little to the imagination yet keeping it classy.

2. Katy Perry

I am no fashion risk-taker myself, but I admire Katy because she's exactly the opposite. Katy Perry wore Armani this night, and looked ethereal. Have you ever heard of a sexy angel? I haven't- until now! I think she chose the cropped bra top and the shiny elongated skirt to flatter her figure. And then the bra top just had to be bedazzled with jewels and she just had to add those angel wings- just because it's Katy Perry and she doesn't want to go for the tradtional dress-and shoes-and-clutch bore.

3. Heidi Klum

Heidi looked like a goddess- no literally, in form of a statue in this gold Julien Macdonald gown. This look was beyond perfection with the deep back cut and the dainty shoulder detailing that showed off her amazing shoulders and arms. Then it's Heidi Klum, so her amazing body just had to be a bonus contributing factor, don't you think?

4. Kim Kardashion

My, my, the hottest reality star is here. Now, to be perfectly honest, I don't even know why Kim Kardashion keeps showing up to the GRAMMYS and the SAG AWARDS when all she has running for her is...Keeping Up With the Kardashians? With that said, I still love Kimmy- no really, and her entire family including Rob and Mason and the whole deal. I think sometimes she goes a little off for red carpet fashion, because she fails to dress to flatter her figure. (e.i. a strapless Marchesa gown that flows straight from bust to toe? Great for Nicole Riche but disastrous for Kim K.) She's not a stick-skinny model, so she needs a very specific kind of dress with a specific kind of cut. And a custom adjusted bust and booty size. But I think Kim nailed it at the Grammys with this gold Kaufmanfranco gown that huged every inch of her curvy body. Then there's the signature hair and the bronze-goddess-looking makeup and the nude pumps you never go wrong with. Good job.

5. Nicole Kidman

I gasped both out of fear and relief when I saw this gown- AFTER I saw Rihanna's. The same designer, same collection, and ALMOST the same design. phew! If she had worn the same gown as Rihanna- I don't even want to think about it, it's too painful! Anyhow, I loved Nicole's version of the Jean Paul Gaultier gown. Of course, this multi-colored one suited Nicole's skin tone far better, and the design of it (being completely covered in the torso and peek-a-boo exposed towards the legs) fit Nicole's demure and elegant style far better. So, good choice! I like how she added minimal jewelry to this extravagant gown, and her golden locks were simply flawless as usual.

6. Selena Gomez

Selena's so young and sweet, but I'm amused and even impressed by the several red carpet looks she's been pulling off over the past couple of weeks. Not bad, not bad at all! At the Grammys Selena channeled sexy yet age appropriate with the- wait for it- J. Mendel metallic gown. The girl is not only cute but has similar taste as I! This could opt for a good mermaid moment in my book. I like how the only "skin" she's showing is a tiny bit of cleavage and her arms. And then I love the champagne and white diamond earrings. A+! 

All picture credit to Instyle.com


I think I should say that no, the Grammys fashion wasn't entire bad, but I think it could have been better. But then there's still the Academy Awards and ...the OSCARS!!!

The Best Dressed lists shall continue..

Sealed With Glitter,

Feb 17, 2011

Star Style Coveted: Olivia Palermo

Now, when I dare said Whitney Port was not the prettiest girl from The City,
I blame this disillusioned statement all on Olivia Palermo.

For reference, I am talking about this wide-eyed beauty

Olivia is without a doubt the b*tch in The City, but us viewers still love her out of pure jealousy of her blessed mane, perfect facial features, and impeccable style. And besides, we all know reality shows (ehem The Hills) are scripted and fabricated- and I would like to believe so is this girl. It is also widely rumored that Olivia was the real-life inspiration for the Gossip Girl persona we all love, Blair Waldorf.

But with that all aside, today I want to talk about her style.

Olivia is definitely no fashion risk-taker. She stays safe under conventional style, with flattering shades, fabrics and cuts that she must have learned from one of those fashion guide handbooks from Vogue. Nonetheless, this kind of style is right up my ally, and I love Olivia for that. We never go wrong with classy.

Like what Yves Saint Laurent said,
fashions fade, but style is eternal.

Olivia embraces her girly side through feminine details and flattering cuts. 
Her clothes always fit just right, as if they're all custom-made for her body.
I love this lace dress mini she sported during fashion week. I think it's very French, if you know what I mean.

Olivia has a perfectly slim body, but she never over-exposes her assets.
She always flaunts one part of her body at a time- and often times it is her legs (and for good reason!)

A-line skirts are not only flattering on curvy and pear-shaped bodies, but on everyone.
Olivia sports a-line skirts all. the. time.
Like I said, timeless and classy.

I love this outfit! From the very Oscar-De-La-Renta-esc skirt and unique heels,
her outfits are never too much for the public eye to handle. 

She color matches her outfits without looking like...Well, let's just imagine Paris Hilton.

And then from time to time we see those edgy pieces like pleather skirts and fur vests,
but still, she somehow ties it all together in a feminine way.

I fell in love with Olivia in this outfit- and despised her for casually tossing that Hermes bag on the ground... Anyways, business wear on steroids! Notice how this black-and-white attire avoids being boring: the sky-high stilettos, the Victorian inspired ruffled blouse, and the cocktail ring. And of course the Berkin bag is just an added bonus.

At first glance, this may seem like a more "masculine" look that's out of character to Olivia, but notice how this blouse-and-high-waisted-trousers combination works into a completely feminine outfit? I mean, it's the neutral-on=neutral combination too, but it comes from the flair of the pants and the low-neck and loose bow detailing of the blouse that makes this so Olivia. In fact this look was voted by men surveyed by ELLE magazine to be the most attractive attire for a blind date. You know it's good when men actually approve.

And then the next day she's completely ready to meet the parents!
What is there more to say about this outfit.

 There is one rule Olivia never breaks: the higher the heel, the better.

I like her occasional straightened-out or freshly trimmed hair, but I love her signature loose, big curls the most. I suppose it's very Blair.

And she lives in a house like this. "Some people just walk in the light"

I said I didn't want to judge her personality through the reality show she's in, but from what I can tell she's a hard-working, dedicated person who just happens to know how to dress.

And then there's le model boyfriend. Just another thing to envy her for.


There's something about Blair Waldorf that makes her a completely adorable..snob. 
And then in real life there's Olivia Palermo- something about her makes us appraise her as a fashion role model.

I guess we call that a tiny spark that makes you special.

Every girl has one.

Feb 12, 2011

LD Series: The Little Nude Dress

If you are a girl or boy even slightly interested in the world of fashion,
you should/would have heard about the LBD- AKA the Little Black Dress.

Coco Chanel herself is the inventor of this fabulous term,
where, in essence, every girl should own a LBD of her own.

I'm thinking of starting the LD Series- the Little Dress Series, because
the LBD is not the only LD that should exist in every girl's closet.

The term LWD has become very popular over the past few years
(which I'm already planning a post on,) and I think there are several LD's that I should mention- for they are almost always fail-proof.

Today I want to talk about the LND- the Little Nude Dress.
Nude is a flexible color- it can range from 'creme' to 'beige.' It isn't as stark and bridal-like as white, and it delivers a soft-focus feel that doesn't draw attention to every inch of your body.
It may not be the first "LD" that comes in one's mind, but in my book, the LND is your safest bet if you're looking for clean, simple and sexy without being risk-ay.

You can see for yourself how flattering the "nude" shade can be.

I love Lauren Conrad- her style to be saved for another post of its own!
I wanted to start with a more casual LND, and this sweet strapless dress with an A-line skirt shows that nude goes great with neutrals- camel for instance! I love the belt matching the strappy heels- tres perfect for a summer picnic!


This look worn by the fabulous fashionista Kate Bosworth is one of my favorite LND looks.
While nude goes great with neutrals for the more casual settings, this one proves that it goes even better with pops of vivid color for those occasions where you want to stand out.
This off-the-shoulder number looks was worn with little accessories- just putting accents on the red heels and matching red lips. Simple glamor!

Diane Kruger is another chic fashionista whom I love.
This particular Chanel embellished LND was completed with dainty accessories.

Jennifer Connelly in the LND.

This Dior strapless dress worn by Kate Moss still remains in one of Kate's best dressed moments.

Who said a mid-calf length dress was a fashion mishap? Cate Blanchett in the LND.

I loved this one-shouldered gathered mini dress (again paired with neutral colored sandals)
and when I looked up the name of the designer, I wasn't surprised to see it be a Marchesa number. This dress was a very pretty mix of nude and peach- and very age-appropriate for the young actress as well!

I love cream lace dresses- I have one for myself! This look-again worn by Diane Kruger- looked so feminine and demure with the ruffle draping. The dress also gives it a sexy edge because it's slightly see-through, but Diane kept it classy with a white bandeau-bra. Paired with must-have nude stilettos, this look shall remain in my personal all-time best dressed looks!

Another look by LC! I remember this look landing on an issue of People's Who Looked Hot This Week, and I couldn't agree more! This simple long-sleeved LND was a safe choice, and I love how LC paired it with again, minimal accessories and nude caged shoes. I couldn't help but notice that LC wore this to a Covergirl sponsored event, which brings to mind that this look is simply easy, breezy and beautiful!

I saved my favorite look for last! I adore Rachel McAdams. She is not only gorgeous, but she's never afraid to take fashion risks. Nonetheless, Rachel chose to go for the fail-proof LND for this look. I had to search high and low to figure out that this fabulous dress is designed by Emanuel Ungaro. This LND has everything a LND should have- the simplicity, the femininity, the elegance, the versatility...everything! I love how Rachel added the pop of color with her yellow satin clutch, while elongating her legs with nude peep-toe pumps. The watermelon colored lipstick brightened her face too. From head to toe, I am in loveee.


Overall, I love everything about the LND. If you're looking for a demure date night outfit that would show the ultra feminine side of you, this is the best piece you can invest in.

And I think I proved it true that nude doesn't always have to be provocative.

Sealed With Glitter,

Feb 10, 2011

Collection Rave: J. Mendel Spring 2011 RTW

Stylists go to J. Mendel when they're looking for simple, chic and feminine.

I loved J. Mendel's Spring RTW collection this year, as much as I loved every other collection from him. It may be a tad bit similar with Elie Saab, but J. Mendel borders a little more on simple cuts (a la Calvin Klein) when Elie Saab is more about the curvy ruffles and cascading trains.

Let the collection speak for itself!

I believe Taylor Swift wore this number too. I love the pop of color on the orange heels.

This reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw's opening scene for SATC. Tutu love!

This one kind of remind me of the revolutionary Herve Leger bandage dresses.

I love the combination of pastel and vivid brights ♥

This number was my personal favorite. An out-of-the-box idea of a strapless and single-shoulder gown in one dress.

This gown reminded me so much of Calvin Klein, but I also noticed the sharp distinction between the two designers as the same time. Calvin Klein's version of this creme colored gown would have been straight and fit from top to bottom- For J. Mendel, the fit changes from fitting to softly flowing from the waist to bottom. If..that made sense..

My favorite finale piece. A la Demeter!

All picture credit to Elle.com


J. Mendel is an absolute genius. His collections always stand for the timeless fashion rule that less is indeed more.
The simple yet very flattering silhouettes all come to create impeccable pieces!
This is why I love myself some fashion.

Sealed With Glitter,

Feb 9, 2011

Look of the Day: Whitney Port

Even with her teeny tiny role in The Hills, I liked the sweet lil' Whitney Port.
She may not have been the prettiest girl on The Hills or The City,
but the kindred heart wins in the end! And plus, the young designer looks like a supermodel herself- I dieeee for the legs.

Whitney has a unique style that is often times a tiny bit risky, but I admire her courageous sense of fashion. But there is nothing risky about this look I'm featuring today. 

**These "Look of the Day" posts will be very short and to the point, with one look I am obsessed with for the "day"-while the look may be from 2 or 3 years back.**

Picture credit to Instyle.com

Here it is, my favorite Whit wearing a peach and yellow ensemble from her own clothing line, Whitney Eve. I love how light, girly, comfortable yet oh-so-stylish this look is, with accents on the leopard print flats!

Sealed With Glitter,

Feb 8, 2011

Obsession Of The Day: Sequin Blazers

My personal style is far from flashy or gaudy,
but I'm a sucker for sparkles, glitter (hence the name of this blog) and my most recent obsession, sequins.

Let's look into the fabric itself.

I know what you're thinking. Tacky much?
You've probably had a sequin purse you put all your fake lipsticks and Barbie's accessories in when you were around 6 years old, and the rough texture is probably reminiscent of one of your old Halloween fairy costumes.

Surprisingly enough, sequins has been a hot trend both on the runway and the streets for a good year now. And what's more- Balmain's 2010 Fall RTW collection proves that they're still in for 2011! Balmain (the pioneer of bold shoulder blazers on steroids) never fails to provide the "wow" factor in its collections- and this one was no exception!

My top two picks from the fabulous pool were as follows:

All Hail Balmain!

This number was understandably too magical to stay on the runway. So the one and only Anne Hathaway sported the all-sequined mini for the cover of Elle.

So now it's a proven fact- sequins are justified for high-fashion.
But what about realway (run"way" in "real"ity)?


The sequin trend speaks pure glamor-
so who rocks the style better than the hottest "it" girl, Black Lively?
Let us see the new fashionista (and many designers' most coveted muse) shows off her hugely envied upon body with the sequin trend (both in and out of the set of Gossip Girl) :

A black mini, all-sequined dress with bold shoulders and a plunging neckline?
Very Balmain and very Serena Van Der Woodsen.

* Notice that with the classic LBD (Little Black Dress-up for discussion on another post,) you must add a pop of color for an interesting twist- Blake does it with a jaded ring and matching earrings.

Mixing seemingly clashing fabrics- a menswear denim shirt and a blue-black sequined mini, tied in with a knotted camel belt and versatile black leather ankle boots! Perhaps this landed on the best-dressed list simply because..well because it's Blake Lively.

Now sequins can be worn a little bit more casually as well. This silver sequined cardigan can take your boring white racer-back-and-skinny-jeans combo to a complete va-va-voom outfit.

I first saw this look in a magazine and gasped at this glamazon's admirable creativity!
This look was shot after Blake finished attending a big time red carpet event where she wore a tightly fitted gown and sky-high heels (which was an amazing look of its own BTW.) After the party, Blake slicked her hair back in an effortless ponytail and threw on a classic, loose white v-neck, and went for comfortable Converse/Chuck Taylors for her feet to rest. With this, she threw on a mini sequin skirt that made this after-party look simply too hot to handle! One word: genius!

Now let's get to the point of this post: sequin blazers.
We've seen sequin trousers, sequin mini dresses, sequin skirts, and sequin cardigans.
But sequin blazers? Really?


It all started with this outfit I came across of- wait for it- Blake Lively.

Before I get into a list of reasons why Blake's outfit is worth an entire blog post, I want to say this outfit was what Blake wore when she went to have lunch with- just guess who-
Karl Lagerfeld.


The Chanel master.

Enough said. I hate her ask much as I love her.

Anyways, with that said, let's talk about the outfit.

 Blake matched a classic white blouse with high-waisted black shorts, (revealing her endless legs beneath them,) and chose black and white peep-toe oxford heels and a dainty black clutch for her little "casual" meeting with Karl Lagerfeld. (sigh) She sported the new bra-peeking trend with a black lace bra, and put her hair down in her signature beachy waves.

And then there was the sequin blazer.

This is why people who dress like Blake Lively get to have lunch with people like
Karl Lagerfeld. 


Perhaps a sequin blazer is a big fashion challenge for me- but everyone can pull off a sequin mini skirt for those glamorous night outs. And I repeat, Karl Lagerfeld approved.

Before I exit, here are just a couple more inspiration pieces:

Sealed With Glitter,