Mar 12, 2011

Look of the Day: Blake Lively

I've been preparing for a Star Style Coveted post on Blake Lively for a while now,
but before that I wanted to do a quick LOTD post on her.

We all know that Blake Lively has become the new face of Chanel's line of Mademoiselle bags, and Karl Lagerfeld's new favorite "it" girl.

I told you the bitch has everything.

And that's not the end of it-

Chanel threw an entire party dedicated to the blonde beauty a few days back..


But today we're not here to talk about how self-centered and incredibly...amazing...Lively is,
we're here to look at the outfit she wore to this Chanel dinner.

Oh hello, bombshell.

Very fitting indeed. A silver Chanel Haute Couture minidress with gold and white strappy sandals (tassels are back!)
Oh, and do you see that glowing aura sparking at the end of her fingers?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
You are looking at the new Chanel Mademoiselle handbag.

Some girls were just born to make the rest of us feel really, really bad. 

*Outfit picture credits go to Celebuzz. Ad credit goes to Popcrunch*

Sealed With Glitter,

Mar 10, 2011

Collection Rave: Elie Saab Spring Haute Couture 2011

I have another Saab rave!

This year's Elie Saab Couture collection was simply breathtaking.

You can see the beautiful masterpiece for yourselves:

Ah- if heaven's angels were to covet a designer collection, this would be it.

The most stylish trends of modern fashion include
boyfriend blazers, harem pants and men-inspired shoulder pads,
but there's something about soft fabrics and feminine hemlines that so classic and timeless.

Sealed With Glitter,

Mar 8, 2011

Look of the Day: Halle Berry

I think I always had a secret girl crush on Halle Berry.

From her confident yet modest attitude to her killer body,
she's one of those people that just shine effortlessly.

And then she has that I-just-threw-this-on-on-a-whim-but-I'm-still-fabulous
kind of style, where she opts for classic silhouettes, flattering cuts and neutral colors that complement her character in sophistication and class.

One of my very favorite looks (casual, that is. Let's not even begin talking about her red carpet appearances- Lord forbid I shall never finish that post.) from her was worn to Good Morning America, I believe.

See what I mean by confidence shining by her very presence? It's the smile, the body gestures... Everything that work to make her hard to forget. I love how she went for classic straight leg denim jeans, a tiered, feminine white tank and a structured tuxedo blazer with bold shoulders.

You see, the white low-cut tank gives it the feminine edge, while the rest of the outfit (along with Halle's hair) speaks structure, almost masculine style. And then there are the small details, like her dainty necklace and perfectly manicured hands- yes, I see them- that make this also very girly. I wish I could pull off mens wear inspired clothing like this. I truly do..

Picture credit goes to Celebuzz


What's so amazing about Halle Berry is not only her style,
it's the attitude she presents through her demeanor, speech, and of course, her appearance.
She never tried too hard. She's strong, independent and very much driven in life (I'm speaking as a fan who was inspired by her legendary Oscars acceptance speech 9 years ago) and I believe such qualities just emanates through her presence.

Remember girls,
Confidence is Sexy

Sealed With Glitter,

Mar 6, 2011

Collection Rave: Jenny Packham Spring 2011 RTW

I shamefully admit that I first heard of Jenny Packham when Sandra Bullock wore a gorgeous beaded pink gown designed by her at this year's Golden Globes. I was completely mesmerized by the dress that I decided to look up all previous collections from her, and fell in love with this year's spring RTW collection. 

I know very little of the designer, but from what I saw her taste in womens clothing is in feminine, simple cuts with extravagant, not-so-simple fabrics.

Let the show begin!

Starting off with a simple two-piece. I absolutely love the silk-and-sequin combination that could seem too much, but surprisingly works really, really well. I love the waist detailing on the sequined shorts that happens to simultaneously sparkle with the cuff bracelet! Then the see-through trend is implemented in the dainty, sweet blouse. Sexy yet sweet!

ARGH!!!! I remember the first time I laid eyes on this magical number (during math class...) and screamed in pure "fashion ecstasy." I love the color (that isn't too Barbie pink- but a sophisticated pink) the silk fabric, the conservative cut and the sparkling waist detail (again!) If Audrey Hepburn wore a pink version of her LBD in Breakfast At Tiffany's, this would be it!

I also love how her dresses aren't all "minis." Although the daring short lengths are definitely sexy, these knee-length dresses are just as stylish! I love this light blue pastel number that's made in the beaded fabric that I so love!

A LND spotted! If a plain nude one-shoulder dress was to get a slight sweep of fairy dust, this is what it would look like.

I love the detailing on this dress. It isn't baring on the legs or the shoulder, but it still screams fashion forward. A huge advantage with dresses like this is that no additional accessories are needed! Let the dress speak for itself.

Absolutely love this periwinkle sheath!

The perfect hassle-free LND ♥

Very Grecian-esc!

Now for the long gowns...

Ah! The magic of drapings! I love how the fabric hugs the body without it looking exactly like second skin (although I love that look too.) You may notice the mix of color too, from light peach to burnt copper. Then there's the subtle sparkling detail on one shoulder.

Silver mermaid comes alive.

Now, I know that this may not exactly be red-carpet safe, but I love the innovative idea behind this head-to-toe see-though and bedazzled body suit. It took me on a nostalgic ride back to when we all first saw Britney Spear's diamond body suit from her Toxic music video. I wouldn't particularly recommend this for an outing of any sort, but it surely is amazing.

I believe Sandra Bullock wore this number in the pink version for the Globes. I know stylists would have literally fought to get their hands on this one. 

All photo credits go to

So I've made it clear, Jenny Packham is added to my list of coveted designers and must-watch fashion shows. The brand speaks drama, glamor, and youth- something different for me, the Chanel fan.

Just when we think we've seen it all,
the magic begins.

Sealed With Glitter,

Mar 3, 2011

Look of the Day: Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo is a living legend, from her always-coveted summer glow to her much-talked-about arse.

I came across this look worn by her a few weeks ago, which landed on the Editor's choice for the Look of the Day features in InStyle magazine as well.

I liked this particularly because it made such a stark contrast from the typical "J.Lo" look we're all used to: those dresses that hug every inch of her body- the looks that are slightly too much for the public eye.

Amazing, right?

This look sports just the right about of sexy, from the flowy yet amazingly flattering blush blouse to the (pop of the outfit) silver sequined Hippie Haute mini skirt that showcased her toned and tan legs. And then those Mary Janes added a sweet feminine accent to the entire look. And then her hair and makeup look perfect, as usual.


I meant for these Look of the Day posts to be short and sweet, so I shall end my rave here.

Sealed With Glitter,

Mar 1, 2011

2011 Oscars Best Dressed

I have been waiting for this year's Academy Awards for so long- and you know what they say,

the bigger the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

I will throw in a disclaimer here that, like every other awards ceremony this year, not everything was bleh-

I have four absolute favorites, and many of the others that landed on the Best Dressed lists of People, InStyle, Elle, etc. were just not wow- enough to make it to my list. Désolé.

And now for the four Oscar looks worthy of a Glitter post!

1. Reese Witherspoon

I loooove the ultra feminine Reese looks on the red carpet, but for the Oscars she went against every expectation (of frilly details an cascading trains) and channeled 60's chic in this Giorgio Armani Privé gown. Her high, flirty ponytail added the right vintage vibe, and her choice in jewelry was impeccable, with emerald and diamond earrings that added that dainty pop of color. She's newly engaged and I assume the amazing glow she has comes from nothing other than- love.

2. Mila Kunis

There's a good reason why I noticed this look right away. Mila wore a coutoure gown by Elie Saab, one of my absolute favorite designgers! This Black Swan star is quickly rising as a red carpet fashion pro, and for the Oscars she went for feminine yet memorable with this lilac number. The lace detailing keeps this look demure and classy, but the daring cuts on the cleavage leaves this modern and not too conservative. Love!

3. Amy Adams

This red head beauty landed on every best dressed list, and with one look at the gown, you understand why. Amy wasn't afraid to mix jeweled tones in her look. From her fiery hair to her sparkling blue L'Wren Scott cap-sleeved gown to her emerald and diamond jewelry, Amy's look was anything but subtle. The gown revealed nothing but her arms but this look was still sexy from head to toe. I've always loved turquoise jewelry on the red carpet, but emerald may be my new favorite!

4. Halle Berry

My god, I had to save this for last. Halle is still rocking her signature pixie cut that always gives her that sexy tough girl vibe, but she looked anything but masculine at the Oscars, in this breathtaking nude Marchesa gown with a dramatic ruffled train. I love the way the dress shows off Halle's amazing, toned shoulders and arms, with a nice contrast with her healthy tan. With a little help from the dainty diamonds on her ears and finger, she only needed that killer confidence she's so well known for (and which shows through every picture taken of her!) to make every fashion obsessed viewer want more of Halle Halle and Halle all night long.


I really wish I could have had another rave post on Anne Hathaway, but her red vintage Valentino gown that supposedly stole the show was just not impressive to me.

Nonetheless, these four stars up above left me content for the night, and ready for a break from the awards season. Sometimes we need less glamor and more chic realway fashion.

May 2012 bring even more glitter to the carpet!

Sealed With Glitter,