Aug 6, 2011

Modern Pin-Up

Ask me what my favorite movie is and you'll get
LOTR, Legally Blonde, Troy, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.... (Guilty as charged. I am slightly obsessed with Brad Pitt.. Always will be ♥)

But then again, I could name you so many more movies with stupid ass plot lines- movies that I still choose to love, because of their aesthetic appeal...

For instance, when I think of the classic pin-up beauty, I don't think Grace Kelly. 
I'm sorry, I'm just not from that era.
Instead, I think Kate Beckinsale from Pearl Harbor.

If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about cause you haven't seen the movie largely criticized in terms of its historic accuracy, I mean this:

A couple more images to show how much of a girl crush I have on this lady:

I still remember this scene from the movie, where Ben Affleck stares at Kate Beckinsale for a creepy ass long time and murmurs some corny line that goes: "Gah- you're so pretty."
I mean, a completely unrealistic line, right? But if I were a guy and I was looking into THAT, I wouldn't be able to put it any other way.

Oh, and as a side note-
ladies, if you haven't seen the movie, just go and watch it.
It stars Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett- what more do I have to say?

Okay, so my point is.

The classic pin-up look consists roughly of:
-Thick, winged out black liquid liner
-Strong, defined eyebrows with a very high arch
- Porcelain skin- no bronzer, just a hint of berry blush
and bold, matte red lips.

Completely timeless beauty look that still looks stunning if you wear it out today.

But what has inspired this blogpost is a picture that I came across of Ashley Greene, our little Alice. She wore virtually the same pin-up look I described above, except she opted for glossy, berry lips instead of red. 
The lips gave the entire look a fresh take from the pin-up look, and made it very modern.

Here is the picture I am referring to:

Very pretty, I have to say.

When I think berry lips, I also think of Blair Waldorf. 

Here are two prime examples of what I am referring to:

See, Blair Waldorf's character itself revolves around classic beauty. I mean, her role model is Audrey Hepburn, so you can just take a wild guess. If Serena opts for the care-free vibe, with a shimmering nude-pink gloss thrown on to go with her Cali-girl inspired beachy waves, Blair goes for the classic, sans-frizz ringlets, and then the berry lips.

So my point is, we can still wear pin-up, but if you want to look more modern and style-savvy, try a pigmented berry gloss or moisturizing berry lipstick instead of red. I swear, so many girls I know always stay safe with the pinks and the corals-
but for once go bold- go berry! I promise you'll find that extra oomph of confidence that'll make you go woooaaaaahh where did that come from? Find that vixen within you.

And who knows?
That cute guy who looks just like Ben Affleck might come up to you and say

"Gah- you're so pretty."

Sealed With Glitter,


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