Mar 8, 2011

Look of the Day: Halle Berry

I think I always had a secret girl crush on Halle Berry.

From her confident yet modest attitude to her killer body,
she's one of those people that just shine effortlessly.

And then she has that I-just-threw-this-on-on-a-whim-but-I'm-still-fabulous
kind of style, where she opts for classic silhouettes, flattering cuts and neutral colors that complement her character in sophistication and class.

One of my very favorite looks (casual, that is. Let's not even begin talking about her red carpet appearances- Lord forbid I shall never finish that post.) from her was worn to Good Morning America, I believe.

See what I mean by confidence shining by her very presence? It's the smile, the body gestures... Everything that work to make her hard to forget. I love how she went for classic straight leg denim jeans, a tiered, feminine white tank and a structured tuxedo blazer with bold shoulders.

You see, the white low-cut tank gives it the feminine edge, while the rest of the outfit (along with Halle's hair) speaks structure, almost masculine style. And then there are the small details, like her dainty necklace and perfectly manicured hands- yes, I see them- that make this also very girly. I wish I could pull off mens wear inspired clothing like this. I truly do..

Picture credit goes to Celebuzz


What's so amazing about Halle Berry is not only her style,
it's the attitude she presents through her demeanor, speech, and of course, her appearance.
She never tried too hard. She's strong, independent and very much driven in life (I'm speaking as a fan who was inspired by her legendary Oscars acceptance speech 9 years ago) and I believe such qualities just emanates through her presence.

Remember girls,
Confidence is Sexy

Sealed With Glitter,

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