Mar 12, 2011

Look of the Day: Blake Lively

I've been preparing for a Star Style Coveted post on Blake Lively for a while now,
but before that I wanted to do a quick LOTD post on her.

We all know that Blake Lively has become the new face of Chanel's line of Mademoiselle bags, and Karl Lagerfeld's new favorite "it" girl.

I told you the bitch has everything.

And that's not the end of it-

Chanel threw an entire party dedicated to the blonde beauty a few days back..


But today we're not here to talk about how self-centered and incredibly...amazing...Lively is,
we're here to look at the outfit she wore to this Chanel dinner.

Oh hello, bombshell.

Very fitting indeed. A silver Chanel Haute Couture minidress with gold and white strappy sandals (tassels are back!)
Oh, and do you see that glowing aura sparking at the end of her fingers?

Ladies and Gentlemen,
You are looking at the new Chanel Mademoiselle handbag.

Some girls were just born to make the rest of us feel really, really bad. 

*Outfit picture credits go to Celebuzz. Ad credit goes to Popcrunch*

Sealed With Glitter,

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