Jun 16, 2011

Collection Rave: Oscar de la Renta 2011 Resort

Oscar de la Renta is the legend- he releases a collection, it's a huge deal, and celebrities are bound to be spotted wearing his gowns to major award shows. 
I've always loved Oscar de la Renta, but this year's resort collection was one of his best collections I've seen so far, and I couldn't pass up dedicating a post on it.

I've just raved about 3.1 Phillip Lim, and how his clothes are so chic because they follow by the timeless rule: less is more.
Oscar de la Renta's clothing is slightly different, to say the least.
Let me show you what I mean:

I love the hat that slightly casts a shadow on the face.
I love that the earrings color coordinate the lips and the heels. Matchy-matchy that actually works. And of course, love the dress.

Oscar de la Renta always mixes different fabrics, textures, colors and patterns. It's a big mix of anything but simple and monochromatic- but then it all ties together, and somehow they all work in harmony to create a perfect outfit. I love the cardi and skirt on this look particularly.

THIS look took my breath away- it made me determine for sure that I was going to make a post on the collection. I love that there is something Ralph Lauren about this- quite preppy, yet very elegant. I would for sure rock this outfit to work. And the pocka dotted pointy heels? Too cute.

Something about the collection also reminded me of Duchess Kate Middleton- and her elegant style. Her collection of hats is very enviable- and this outfit reminded me of her white coat she wore recently on the Queen's birthday. Except Oscar's version is a lot more sassy.
(Kate Middleton post in process of being made!)

Loved this dress too. Love the color. Very appropriate for a summer cocktail party.

I love this white shift dress. The cut and figure of it is very similar to some of Phillip Lim's mini dresses, but then the details on this one makes it a lot more feminine and elegant. Then again I love the coral red shoes that match the lips. Fabulous.
I noticed how the models' makeup looked so immaculate as well. I love the fresh, dewy skin, the strong, exaggerated eyebrows finished off with barely there eyeshadow and strong, coral red lips.

A dress too perfect for parties or premiers, don't you think?
I see someone very young- like rising star Elle Fanning- wearing something like this.

One of the greatest moments in the collection. Perfect for that red carpet princess moment.
I see Rachel Zoe being all over this dress. 

This dress was also gorgeous. I love how the torso is slightly see-through (I assume there is a nude layer underneath) to give it a sexy vibe. I love the specks of sparkle sprinkled on the dress, and I LOVE the big train.

The winner of the show.
The color,
the thigh slit,
the flow of the fabric, 
the drapings,
the shoulder cut-
everything too perfect for words.

Picture credits go to Elle.com


For me, fashion isn't about being materialistic or superficial.
Through fashion, women realize that there are endless ways for a woman to look and feel good about themselves.
And every girl deserves to feel exquisite, sexy, beautiful- for every second of their lives.

Sealed With Glitter,

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