Feb 17, 2011

Star Style Coveted: Olivia Palermo

Now, when I dare said Whitney Port was not the prettiest girl from The City,
I blame this disillusioned statement all on Olivia Palermo.

For reference, I am talking about this wide-eyed beauty

Olivia is without a doubt the b*tch in The City, but us viewers still love her out of pure jealousy of her blessed mane, perfect facial features, and impeccable style. And besides, we all know reality shows (ehem The Hills) are scripted and fabricated- and I would like to believe so is this girl. It is also widely rumored that Olivia was the real-life inspiration for the Gossip Girl persona we all love, Blair Waldorf.

But with that all aside, today I want to talk about her style.

Olivia is definitely no fashion risk-taker. She stays safe under conventional style, with flattering shades, fabrics and cuts that she must have learned from one of those fashion guide handbooks from Vogue. Nonetheless, this kind of style is right up my ally, and I love Olivia for that. We never go wrong with classy.

Like what Yves Saint Laurent said,
fashions fade, but style is eternal.

Olivia embraces her girly side through feminine details and flattering cuts. 
Her clothes always fit just right, as if they're all custom-made for her body.
I love this lace dress mini she sported during fashion week. I think it's very French, if you know what I mean.

Olivia has a perfectly slim body, but she never over-exposes her assets.
She always flaunts one part of her body at a time- and often times it is her legs (and for good reason!)

A-line skirts are not only flattering on curvy and pear-shaped bodies, but on everyone.
Olivia sports a-line skirts all. the. time.
Like I said, timeless and classy.

I love this outfit! From the very Oscar-De-La-Renta-esc skirt and unique heels,
her outfits are never too much for the public eye to handle. 

She color matches her outfits without looking like...Well, let's just imagine Paris Hilton.

And then from time to time we see those edgy pieces like pleather skirts and fur vests,
but still, she somehow ties it all together in a feminine way.

I fell in love with Olivia in this outfit- and despised her for casually tossing that Hermes bag on the ground... Anyways, business wear on steroids! Notice how this black-and-white attire avoids being boring: the sky-high stilettos, the Victorian inspired ruffled blouse, and the cocktail ring. And of course the Berkin bag is just an added bonus.

At first glance, this may seem like a more "masculine" look that's out of character to Olivia, but notice how this blouse-and-high-waisted-trousers combination works into a completely feminine outfit? I mean, it's the neutral-on=neutral combination too, but it comes from the flair of the pants and the low-neck and loose bow detailing of the blouse that makes this so Olivia. In fact this look was voted by men surveyed by ELLE magazine to be the most attractive attire for a blind date. You know it's good when men actually approve.

And then the next day she's completely ready to meet the parents!
What is there more to say about this outfit.

 There is one rule Olivia never breaks: the higher the heel, the better.

I like her occasional straightened-out or freshly trimmed hair, but I love her signature loose, big curls the most. I suppose it's very Blair.

And she lives in a house like this. "Some people just walk in the light"

I said I didn't want to judge her personality through the reality show she's in, but from what I can tell she's a hard-working, dedicated person who just happens to know how to dress.

And then there's le model boyfriend. Just another thing to envy her for.


There's something about Blair Waldorf that makes her a completely adorable..snob. 
And then in real life there's Olivia Palermo- something about her makes us appraise her as a fashion role model.

I guess we call that a tiny spark that makes you special.

Every girl has one.

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