Feb 8, 2011

Obsession Of The Day: Sequin Blazers

My personal style is far from flashy or gaudy,
but I'm a sucker for sparkles, glitter (hence the name of this blog) and my most recent obsession, sequins.

Let's look into the fabric itself.

I know what you're thinking. Tacky much?
You've probably had a sequin purse you put all your fake lipsticks and Barbie's accessories in when you were around 6 years old, and the rough texture is probably reminiscent of one of your old Halloween fairy costumes.

Surprisingly enough, sequins has been a hot trend both on the runway and the streets for a good year now. And what's more- Balmain's 2010 Fall RTW collection proves that they're still in for 2011! Balmain (the pioneer of bold shoulder blazers on steroids) never fails to provide the "wow" factor in its collections- and this one was no exception!

My top two picks from the fabulous pool were as follows:

All Hail Balmain!

This number was understandably too magical to stay on the runway. So the one and only Anne Hathaway sported the all-sequined mini for the cover of Elle.

So now it's a proven fact- sequins are justified for high-fashion.
But what about realway (run"way" in "real"ity)?


The sequin trend speaks pure glamor-
so who rocks the style better than the hottest "it" girl, Black Lively?
Let us see the new fashionista (and many designers' most coveted muse) shows off her hugely envied upon body with the sequin trend (both in and out of the set of Gossip Girl) :

A black mini, all-sequined dress with bold shoulders and a plunging neckline?
Very Balmain and very Serena Van Der Woodsen.

* Notice that with the classic LBD (Little Black Dress-up for discussion on another post,) you must add a pop of color for an interesting twist- Blake does it with a jaded ring and matching earrings.

Mixing seemingly clashing fabrics- a menswear denim shirt and a blue-black sequined mini, tied in with a knotted camel belt and versatile black leather ankle boots! Perhaps this landed on the best-dressed list simply because..well because it's Blake Lively.

Now sequins can be worn a little bit more casually as well. This silver sequined cardigan can take your boring white racer-back-and-skinny-jeans combo to a complete va-va-voom outfit.

I first saw this look in a magazine and gasped at this glamazon's admirable creativity!
This look was shot after Blake finished attending a big time red carpet event where she wore a tightly fitted gown and sky-high heels (which was an amazing look of its own BTW.) After the party, Blake slicked her hair back in an effortless ponytail and threw on a classic, loose white v-neck, and went for comfortable Converse/Chuck Taylors for her feet to rest. With this, she threw on a mini sequin skirt that made this after-party look simply too hot to handle! One word: genius!

Now let's get to the point of this post: sequin blazers.
We've seen sequin trousers, sequin mini dresses, sequin skirts, and sequin cardigans.
But sequin blazers? Really?


It all started with this outfit I came across of- wait for it- Blake Lively.

Before I get into a list of reasons why Blake's outfit is worth an entire blog post, I want to say this outfit was what Blake wore when she went to have lunch with- just guess who-
Karl Lagerfeld.


The Chanel master.

Enough said. I hate her ask much as I love her.

Anyways, with that said, let's talk about the outfit.

 Blake matched a classic white blouse with high-waisted black shorts, (revealing her endless legs beneath them,) and chose black and white peep-toe oxford heels and a dainty black clutch for her little "casual" meeting with Karl Lagerfeld. (sigh) She sported the new bra-peeking trend with a black lace bra, and put her hair down in her signature beachy waves.

And then there was the sequin blazer.

This is why people who dress like Blake Lively get to have lunch with people like
Karl Lagerfeld. 


Perhaps a sequin blazer is a big fashion challenge for me- but everyone can pull off a sequin mini skirt for those glamorous night outs. And I repeat, Karl Lagerfeld approved.

Before I exit, here are just a couple more inspiration pieces:

Sealed With Glitter,

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